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José Magro, PhD

An antiracist scholar interested in connecting theory to praxis. 

I am a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at The University of Maryland, College Park, where I work on antiracist curriculum development and teach all levels of Spanish and Sociolinguistics courses. With a Ph.D. in Hispanic linguistics, an M.Ed., and a B.S. in Social Psychology, I specialize in Critical Applied Sociolinguistics. My research interests are Critical (Antiracist) Pedagogies, Hip-Hop Pedagogies, Second and Heritage Language Learning and Teaching, Bilingualism, Language and Identity, Language Ideologies, and Spanish in the USA. I have published book chapters and articles in journals such as Linguistics and Education and the Journal of Sociolinguistics. My book, Language and antiracism: An antiracist approach to teaching (Spanish) language in the USA, will be published by Multilingual Matters in 2023. I am also a well-known MC who, along with my rap group El Club de los Poetas Violentos, developed the foundations for Spanish rap during the early 1990s socio-politically charged peripheric Madrid scene; during the 2000s, after moving to Brooklyn, NY, I worked with consolidated and emergent Black and Latinx Hip-Hop artists helping to consolidate the Latino Hip-Hop movement. (Dr. Magro).

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